Are cults real?

What is a cult? 

Cults are 100% real and exist all over the world. These groups, small and large, possess a charismatic leader who uses mind control techniques and abuses their power to manipulate its members. Most cults have ranking systems - forms of hierarchy - that keep members loyal and subordinate to the governing regime. By definition, cults are masters of deception. 

Cults are groups by which members' beliefs, opinions, and behaviors are changed with false consent. The reason it is "false" is because members are deprived of their cognitive awareness and self reasoning.  Dr. Janja Lalich refers to this as "bounded consent," i.e. an actual belief that the individual is fully in control of their own decision making. The ideas are gradually planted over time and in a non threatening way. The effect this has is it takes away free will and makes the members dependent on their leader. 

Do cult leaders know they are running a cult? 

Cults are run with intention and leaders are fully aware of their motives. Some cults recruit people in government and public figures simply to validate and disguise their agenda. However, cults only exist because they are skilled at suppressing scrutiny by the public or among members themselves. Cult leaders will go to great lengths to harass, destroy, and intimidate their so called enemies. 

Who do cults target?

Why do people think cults aren't real?

Cults are a strange phenomenon, while there are many around the world, public awareness is insufficient and education uncommon. Smart, successful, and highly intelligent people can be victims of cults. It is very hard to understand a cult unless you're familiar with the topic. Cult members are very believable and appear happy to the outside world.

Why do people keep quiet about cults?

Cults are highly dangerous. It takes a lot of courage and risk to speak out against them. Authorities are not always knowledgeable and laws are still unclear depriving them of the power to intervene. Cults may even be unintentionally protected keeping victims in imminent danger. 

Are cults obvious?

Cults are not always obvious! There are not always red warning flags or easy ways to discover them. In fact, some highly dangerous cults are fully disguised as a religious cause, charity, world peace organization, yoga group, therapy, or the like

Why is language controlled in cults?

Cults do not like it when you call them cults. Speech is restricted because it unifies the members and removes individual autonomy. Another way language controls the people is by repeating group affirmations. For example, if you are forced to say "I will go to the store" many times in front of other members, it is ten times more likely you will go to the store. Also, the more you say something the more you will hold yourself accountable and do it. 

How cults deal with so called "enemies"?

Cults prefer to have people on their side and will go to great lengths to do so. Having their so called enemies in a  more amiable frame of mind will lower their risk of exposure. However, once you are declared an enemy against the doctrine or lifestyle of the cult, you are considered a deadly threat. 

How do cults control you?

Cults act as if they are helping you at first and provide false promises. Cults are also very consuming of their member's time and energy. They don't allow their members to invest in a life outside of the cult. They may restrict sleep, diet, and dress, and deny you medical attention. Sadly, cult victims are prisoners of the mind.