Types of cults

What are the different types of cults? 

What are open cults?

Contrary to popular belief cults do not require physical captivity. Cults that are not limited to specific physical locations are known as open cults. These cults hide in common society by giving the illusion of total freedom to their members and appearing as common citizens. Because common citizens live independently, work independently and "think" independently. These cults can also be called covert cults, also known as "secret cults". Members are true believers and not a flight risk. 

What are closed cults?

People of a closed cult are physically trapped (e.g., compounds or undisclosed locations) and cut off from the rest of society. These cults often have appealing fronts to the public but use fear or armed guards to keep their victims hostage.  On the outside, they are made to look like paradise but on the inside, they are prison camps.

What is a virtual reality cult? 

Modern day cults also live in virtual reality. Cults are not always groups of people in a forest chanting. Cults that target online users show how easily cults can hide within the virtual realm.

Are all cults religious

Cults aren't about a single religious belief. Instead, they are about control and deception. "Cultists' originally described people who cultivated the worship of certain gods. Many religions began as cults but then integrated into popular society. Cults demand obedience to human leaders through charisma, fear, and thought-stopping practices motivated by money, sex, power, or all whereas religions serve a god.

What are self-development cults?

Self development cults offer promise and peace to its members looking for emotional support and freedom. Victims willingly join these groups believing their lives will improve.