My story


I am the founder of Cult Survivors Worldwide. The organization is intended to provide comfort to victims, survivors, and family members of cults.

There are many victims of cults; some may not even know it. Cult recruitment and its extreme form of loyalty occurs through a grooming process. Oftentimes, this system of recruitment occurs over a duration of years before the level of abuse is fully understood. A preventative measure to ensure awareness is through education. Cult Survivors Worldwide's purpose is to instill awareness and educate our youth, adults, and community leaders about the dangers of these destructive groups.

Additionally, family members of cult victims suffer greatly. They are deterred from speaking out by way of violent threats, manipulation or a combination of well-crafted lies (from cult leaders).  They also suffer because their loved ones have been forced into believing they must cut off all ties with their family

Friends often believe victims are happy and healthy despite extreme internal abuse.  They may lack the requisite understanding regarding the dynamics of the cult. As a family member of a cult victim still in hostage, who many are trying to silence, I come forward to share my story.  I am hopeful that my personal struggle will be over soon and my sister returned home - coming forward and sharing her story with you.

Why do I feel an obligation?

I feel an obligation to educate others as I would want the same for me.

If you are looking to work with an expert I highly recommend Dr. David McDermott. Dr McDermott is the author of several authoritative publications including the "Mind control manual." After reading this book I finally understood the behavioral characteristics of a cult. This is when everything started to make sense to me. Learn about About Dr. David McDermott. His ebook can be found here. The price is €9.49 and is worth every euro!