Leaving a cult

What happens when you leave a cult?

A very important aspect of a cult is the idea that if you leave horrible things will happen to you. Clinical research by Margaret Thaler Singer, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkley identifies some of the emotional problems which ex members face during reentry into society including indecisiveness, uncritical passivity, and fear of the cult itself.

Cults view professional help as a threat.

Educated professionals are seen as a threat to cults because the risk of being discovered is too great. Cults also believe all the problems are caused by the members themselves.

Many survivors who try to tell their stories are victimized a second time by others saying, "that it isn't true, you're telling lies, and you are delusional". One thing that makes it so hard for the public to accept is that it's so awful. Groups like Scientology have an entire department set up to victimize those who leave by attacking their jobs, families, reputation, and resources. They spend large amounts of money hiring private investigators to follow people who left, use media to destroy them, and continue the mentality of "us versus them". 

Father of David Miscavige, leader of the church of scientology speaks out about losing his family and the whereabouts of his daughter in law. 

Learn about what really happens inside the cult from survivors themselves!